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Even small amounts can go a long way

towards helping someone, a lot like you,

who may just happen to be in a time of need.

See what your donation can do in Santa Rosa County:

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Bay Area Food Bank  Since 2009, the Bay Area Mobile Pantry Program has aided needy families through a delivery truck filled with donated food. Pre-registered residents are provided with food items such as bread, frozen meat, produce and dairy. Over one-hundred families can be served at a one day event. In the summer of 2011 we had the opportunity to accompany a driver to a distribution location. Not a single person refused to help unload the vehicle. After the setup was complete, the people who lent a hand were directed to the front of the line as a thank you. One woman commented on how much she appreciated what the food bank was doing to help her family. She confided that she was struggling to provide enough food for herself and her two children. To complicate matters, the woman’s sister had dropped off the three children to live with her temporarily without providing money for food. Others participating also approached to share their thanks and appreciation for what the food bank was doing for local families in need.

Good Samaritan Clinic  In mid- 2011, GSC’s doctors diagnosed a Pace patient with an acute gall bladder problem. GSC was able to get a surgeon to remove the gall bladder at Gulf Breeze Hospital. The surgeon donated his services and Gulf Breeze Hospital provided the surgical suite, surgical staff, equipment and supplies at no cost to the patient or to GSC. The patient is doing well and has fully recovered from the surgery. GSC was able to secure at least four surgeries for its’ patients during 2011.

Santa Rosa Kid's House  In 2011, a case was finally brought to trial that had been around for quite some time. The offender was previously convicted for molesting a child in California. He moved to Florida, found another victim and was subsequently sent to prison and later released. He then moved to Navarre where he found two additional victims. Once he realized the Santa Rosa Sheriff‘s Office was looking for him, he fled the country. The sexual predator was finally located when he was profiled on America’s Most Wanted.   He is now serving life in prison and won’t be able to harm any more children in Santa Rosa County. This conviction would not have been possible had it not been for the coordination of the multidisciplinary team at the Santa Rosa Kids’ House.

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